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Specialists in Quality

Video & Media service

With over 30 years experience

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Traydarti offers a total range of scalable solutions in the production and creation of Digital Media.

With over 30 years experience in Broadcast Television & Corporate production, our personnal relationship with you, the customer, ensures flexibilty to develop all requirements in the production of digital media, from an original idea through to the finished production.

We have a full range of Duplication and Replication services for any quantity of CD or DVD, including design and print of imaginative packaging to give your production the digital edge. We also offer TV Web Players, presenting high quality video live on your web page.

Our experience is qualified

with a wide range of clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe from small individually owned companies to large European organisations and Local Authorities.

Offering direct to you the facilities for television

& digital media production in Britain & Europe at the most affordable budget.

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